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we can wrap anything, literally!

Sometimes you just have to have that guitar, helmet, or game console wrapped

Our vinyl wrapping skills go beyond just cars and trucks. We've wrapped game consoles, laptops, mailboxes anything really.

At Crazy Joe's Wraps, we can create a fully custom, multi-color design using our high-end vinyl and hundreds of colors and effects choices. Give your favorite item a unique, custom look you'll enjoy for years.

what do you have in mind?

At Crazy Joes Wraps, we are not your average vinyl wrap shop.
Many customers come to us to have their favorite items custom wrapped from video game consoles, mailboxes, helmets, laptops and so much more!

  • Only The Best Quality

    We use high-quality materials and heat-resistant vinyl wrap (when necessary) to ensure your custom wrapped item will look great and last.

  • Professional Tools A Must

    We only use the right tools for the job at hand. This ensures the vinyl properly attaches to the surface and edges for a proper fit and professional look.

  • Custom Graphics

    Want a particular logo, brand or graphic design on your laptop, game console, helmet, or vehicle - we can make that happen. Our printing equipment replicates vibrant colors and to your dimensions for a true, custom fit and look.

Chrome Vinyl Wrap for Helmets
American Flag Vinyl Wrap
Playstation vinyl wrap kits
Mailbox vinyl wrap

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